Get on Your Feet

If you work a typical 40-hour work week, chances are you sit for a majority of the time.  Depending on what you do for a living, you could have a normal desk job that requires you to be in an office for most of the work day.  On average, Britain’s sit for 8.9 hours on average, every single day.  Unfortunately, this is not a good statistic and this number actually correlates with serious health issues.

Bad for Your Health

Sitting for multiple hours every day can result in some health problems that can be detrimental to your body in the long run.  Obesity is the first thing that might come to mind when thinking about someone who sits all day long.  Being at a desk doesn’t allow for much movement and mobility in your joints and limbs. Other risks include poor circulation, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and even heart disease.  Also, in more women than men, a high rate of developing Osteoporosis is possible.  By not getting up and moving around during the day, your body begins to slowly deteriorate and weaken.

On top of the issues that can happen to your body, a mental concern is also a possibility.  Most of these health risks can cause serious depression to sink in as well.  If the body begins to weaken, so does the mind and in severe cases, could even lead to dementia.

Active Ideas

There are many simple things you can do in order to get moving a little bit and these small differences will make a significant change after some time.  At home, if it’s possible, try walking to your children to school instead of driving them.  If you can walk to the market instead of driving as well, that is a great option.  When making dinner, try standing and preparing the meal.  For the adventurous types, while watching television at home, try riding a stationary bike or even walking on a treadmill.  If you can’t do it for the entire time you are watching a show, just try doing it during commercials, if you can.  While at work, instead of sitting through your conference call, try standing and doing some light walking in place at your desk.  If you have a meeting, choose a standing position in the back of the conference room instead of sitting at the conference table.

Who Can Help?

A chiropractor is the place to go for all your sitting health related issues.  They have the best professionals who can help with all of your aches, pains and mobility problems.  Don’t let your problems hold you back from doing what you want – a chiropractor will allow you to become more active and save your body from physical ailments that sitting all day can cause.  Arrange your initial appointment and call them today at 0208 566 3757.  They use a holistic approach that encompasses different techniques that include tender and mild adjustments that can fix your flexibility and movement issues.

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