How A Chiropractor Can Help Maintain or Correct your Posture

A good posture is very important and it is the position of the body when standing, sitting or lying. However, the spine has to be neutral. A good posture has many benefits and it is necessary to prevent any injuries.


The Importance of Good Posture

Apart from looking good physically, good posture has other advantages like: Ensures proper alignment of the bones and joints minimizes the chances of injuries, prevents spine and muscles stress, reduces joint wear and also prevents loss of excess energy.


How to Know you have a poor posture

You can know if your posture is poor if your shoulders are hunched or rounded, the upper back is rounded and the back is arched. Also if you experience back pain it is likely that you have a poor posture. If you doubt this then you have this problem, you should get in touch with a chiropractor.


What Causes Poor Posture

Most of the things that cause a poor posture are unavoidable but with proper care you can still maintain a good posture. Some of the factors include: Pregnancy, stress, obesity, high heels, tight muscles and poor bending habits.


Maintaining or Correcting Posture

After realising you have a poor posture you should start correcting your daily normal habits. Be aware of how you stand, sit or even lie down. Always ensure that your back is straightened and avoid using low-back support. Make sure you have the right size of mattress and avoid some habits like sleeping on your stomach. You should also consider the daily activities you perform and exercise regularly. Exercising will help strengthen any weak muscles. Most importantly you have to avoid slouching and always keep your shoulders and head straight high and straight.


Can a Chiropractor Help?

A Chiropractor can help you to improve your posture. This can be done by assessments, get to know the problem and then correct it. The Chiropractor will ask some few related questions and then assess your sitting, standing and sleeping posture. This is done to assess how bad your posture is. The Chiropractor can then send you for some x-rays which will show any changes on the curves of the spine and any other disorder.

The Treatment

There are several techniques that can help like adjustments, soft tissue work and some exercises and rehabilitation.


Chiropractors use gentle joint movements to give you a posture correction. The movements help increase the movement in the joints and reduce the tension.

Soft Tissue Work

This is a practice that focuses on the interaction of the muscles and other body parts. Muscles work together, when one muscle moves another one has to be in motion and in case one becomes fatigued the other one might overwork itself. A Chiropractor works by balancing the effectiveness of all the muscles through some releases and stretches.

Exercises and Rehabilitation

Stretches can help your muscles to be strong. The Chiropractor will give you some specific exercises to perform in order to improve your posture.


Get a Chiropractor who will help maintain or correct your posture. Contact us at Chiropractor applecross for the best services and for the benefit of your health and posture.

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