Low Back Pain in Fast Bowlers

Cricket is considered to be one of the most entertaining sport, owing to its capacity to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats. However, quite often, many fast bowlers end up suffering from injuries that result in tremendous back pain. Injuries are quite common in this field of sports, fast bowling injuries being one of the most common of them all. Reports suggest that a force equivalent to 8-10 times the body weight of the bowler is channelized throughout the player’s body during fast bowling. Majority of this force ends up on the ‘front foot’ during the delivery stride of the player. This combined force along the lumbar range elevates the risk of causing injury to the lumbar spine.

Physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial to get rid of such pain. Sports and spinal physio are often recommended for fast bowlers to help prevent lower back pain. Here are certain exercises that can help in controlling and preventing the lower back pain.

Exercise 1 (4 on the Floor/Gluteus medius stretch)

Lie on your tummy on the floor. Bend your knee, and position it under the other thigh of yours. This should make your body look like the number “4”. Then squeeze your buttocks and gradually try to push your hip towards the floor.

Exercise 2 (Sit on your feet)

This exercise generally involves sitting on your feet to improve your posture and thus avoid pain. You are required to place a rolled towel on the ground and kneel on it, or you may simply kneel on the ground. Then, sit ‘back on your heels’. This exercise can help you to maintain and improve your thoracic extension. This is why it can prove to be extremely beneficial to control your lower back pain.

Exercise 3 (Stretch)

Place both your hands on a chair, lean forward, and then gradually extend your back. Make sure to keep your elbows straight and try to push your shoulders towards the floor. While making sure that your arm is straight, take one of your hands, and try to reach the other side thereby moving your trunk in a rotating motion.

To summarise, following tips can be extremely useful for the fast bowlers

  • Make sure that you are following the prescribed technique. Do not compromise with your technique when you are bowling.
  • Ensure that you are gradually building up the workload of your bowling, and not all of a sudden. Understand your body, its build, and its capacity. Don’t be too harsh on your body.
  • Maintain the mobility and agility of your body. Also take care of the rest of your body and engage in sports and spinal physio.
  • Make sure you have a plan chalked out to maintain the stability of your core which will be strong enough to match your fast bowling prowess.


Low back pain in fast bowlers can be avoided with the help of proper sports and spinal physio. Turramurra Sports and Spinal physiotherapy can be an ideal option for such pain-relieving purposes. We have an excellent reputation and are highly recommended. Regular sessions of physiotherapy can be really helpful for cricketers to get rid of such pain. You may call 9144-1510 now to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

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