No Mouthguard = No Play

If your child goes to a school or sports club that does not actively promote a ‘No Mouthguard, No Play‘ policy, then he or she could be at serious risk of an avoidable dental injury. Diane Tozer from Westside Dentures Brisbane says that many people, especially youngsters may be participating in a sport without having sufficient protection against injury to their teeth, jaw, or soft tissues of the face because they are not wearing a custom mouthguard.

Dr Peter Alldritt from the Australian Dental Association,highlights the fact that ill-fitting off the shelf, mouthguards may be better than not wearing one at all, but actually, they do not give enough protection. He encourages everyone participating in sport to have their own sports guard, custom-made and fitted. He reminds the parents of young sports players that this is the only type that the ADA and Dentists throughout Australia recommend.

Take the first step to ensuring your child’s safety by calling Westside Dentistry today on 07 3278 0580. They are committed to lowering risk for injury to sports people of all ages by supplying sports appliances that fit the mouth of the wearer perfectly. As Diane Tozer says, “we are also leading suppliers of Dentures Brisbane, but we would far rather protect sportspeople with our tailor-made custom mouthguards than fit them with a denture after an avoidable injury”.

Why You Should Have A Custom-Made Mouthguard

Even if children have an ‘off the shelf’ mouthguard, these are often very uncomfortable and more likely to get left in the sports bag. By contrast, a perfectly fitted, custom-made, one is likely to be worn all the time, thus protecting the wearer’s teeth, jaw and face from injury and helping to prevent concussion too.

All sports carry some risk of injury. Football, martial arts, hockey and rugby are a few that spring to mind as being high contact -and perhaps carrying a greater risk of an injury, but in any sport, colliding with an opponent, or taking a tumble always carry the possibility of injury, so appropriate protection is always advised.

A surprising number of players wear an ‘off the shelf’ sports guard. These are often uncomfortable, which could be one of the reasons why only about 60% of players wear their sports guard all the time, including practice. Compliance with the ‘No Mouthguard, No Play’ policy could be encouraged if all players had a comfortable to wear, custom sports guard that allows for unimpeded speech and breathing as well as the very best protection against accident and injury to the face and jaw of the wearer.

Save Money As Well As Preventing Injury!

By comparison with costs incurred for dental treatment after an injury, a custom-made mouthguard will be far cheaper. In addition, it will save the wearer from the painful aftermath of an injury, which carries the potential for disfigurement and, perhaps, the necessity of dentures.

There is well-documented evidence to show that you will be 60 times less likely to injure your jaw, teeth, or facial soft tissues if you are wearing a custom sports guard. So, give yourself, or your child the best protection possible and order a custom appliance – just call Westside Dentures Brisbane!

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