The Philosophy of Chiropractic Wellness Care

chirocareMany people do not realize that Chiropractors are not just there for when an accident or injury is causing pain. The Philosophy of the Chiropractic system of care and treatment is to promote optimum wellness and prevent disease. Care can be ongoing throughout a person’s life.

What is the Difference Between Medical Care and Wellness Care?

In order to become qualified, all Chiropractors undergo extensive training. They are able to analyse a patients’ problems and will never attempt to treat anyone for whom Chiropractic care is not appropriate. If your problem needs care from a practitioner in another healthcare specialty, you will be referred without delay.

Whereas patients receiving medical care get treatment for their symptoms, Chiropractic care centres on Wellness care to stimulate the body to heal itself. Patients of traditional Medical practitioners will receive drugs or surgical treatment to address their pain or disease but the Chiropractic approach is entirely different. It relies solely on gentle hands-on treatment, without any form of medication or invasive surgery.


Patients who have received medical care often find themselves left with a weakness after healing. For example, an injury to the left knee might seem better, but healing might be incomplete. This leaves a potential for re-injury or for injury to the other leg that has been compensating and carrying more weight to protect the injured knee.

Chiropractic wellness care will determine the exact cause of any problem or symptom, treating it from ‘the ground up’. It is designed to encourage the body to heal itself completely without leaving the sort of weakness or predisposition to injury mentioned above.

Wellness care encompasses holistic care of the whole person, going far beyond getting the patient out of pain and mobile again. It works to achieve a level of wellbeing that a person may not have experienced for a long time – even though they thought they were ‘well’ because they were not experiencing pain. Patients experience an increase in energy levels and enjoyment of life because their mental and emotional health has benefitted at the same time as their physical health.

Benefits of Ongoing Wellness Care

People are living longer and remaining younger in outlook and in the sorts of activities they want to do in their leisure time. This may be why more of us are realizing how important it is to look after our bodies to ensure we can go on getting the best out of life.

We maintain and service domestic appliances that are important to the smooth functioning everyday life – and a real pain when they break down, so it seems obvious that we should take the same care of our bodies.

The majority of Chiropractic consultations used to be for an acute situation of pain or injury. Ongoing wellness care has changed that for many of us who now enjoy the benefits of a regular ‘maintenance’ visit for Chiropractic care designed to keep everything functioning as it should.

Get Your Sparkle Back!

Many people are realizing that ongoing Wellness care can help them get their enjoyment of a full and active life back again. Little things can slow us up, turn us into spectators in life rather than participants – but it does not have to be this way! Find out more about how an ongoing program of care can benefit you by calling us at Eastern Chiropractic on 9857 4503. Arrange your initial appointment today and get your sparkle back!


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